Viva Choir

Under the direction of Allison Prowse

The Viva Choir is an ensemble of 8 to 11 year-olds that rehearses once a week. The choir is designed to initiate and develop the musical experience of children who have little or no choral training. Choral education goals include:

  • Musical Literacy: beginning score study – rhythm, melodic contour, dynamics, finding parts, reading text in English, French and perhaps another language
  • Choral Technique: listening, following a conductor, routines, awareness of other parts (accompaniment and harmony, unison singing, rounds, partner songs
  • Vocal Technique: healthy vocal production, basic physiology of singing, alignment of the body, breathing, mouth shape, resonance awareness

The Viva Choir participates in the annual OCC Christmas and Spring Concerts and is occasionally invited to participate in other events; e.g., the Mayor's Christmas Party, Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony, school visits and visits to seniors' residences.