Our History

The Ottawa Board of Education Central Choir was created in 1958 as a training ground for musically gifted students from grades 4 to 10.

Originally one group of 70 singers, the programme was expanded in 1987 and reorganized into an advanced Chamber Choir and training Concert Choir. In 2001 the Viva Choir was added as a second training choir for children just beginning their choral experience.

In 1998, the 40th anniversary year, the choir was incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization with a board of directors.

In 2003 the name was changed to the Ottawa Children's Choir to better reflect the community we serve.


Artistic and Music Directors:

2018 - Present Jennifer Berntson  Prima Choir
2016 - Present Jamie Loback Boys' Choir
2015 - Present Jamie Loback Chamber Choir
2005 - Present Allison Prowse Concert and Viva Choirs
2008 - 2015 Jackie Hawley Chamber Choir
2002 - 2007 Robert Filion Chamber Choir
1988 - 2005 Yvonne Navratil Concert and Viva (2001) Choirs
1987 - 1988 Nancy Tanguay Concert Choir
1999 - 2002 Barbara Clark Chamber Choir
1979 - 1998 Barbara Clark Central Choir
1967 - 1979 Arnold Earl Central Choir
1958 - 1967 John Gunn Sutherland Founder-Conductor
Jamie Loback Allison Prowse Jackie Hawley Arnold Earl John Sutherland
Jamie Loback Allison Prowse Jackie Hawley Arnold Earl John Gunn Sutherland