Sponsor a Piece for the OCC Music Library


Sponsorship List Updated for Fall, 2017

The Ottawa Children’s Choir welcomes donations to our music library.  Sponsors can pay for a piece of music that is needed by our choristers.  As sponsor, your name will be kept in our library database, and each time the piece is performed at an OCC concert, your much-appreciated patronage will be noted in the programme.  You have the option of dedicating the sponsored piece to an individual or a group.  All copies of the piece sponsored will be marked with your name or dedication. 

The list of music currently available for sponsorship for fall, 2017, is now posted here.  These pieces are being prepared for this year’s OCC Christmas concert, but last-minute changes or additions are possible.  A library sponsorship makes a unique and lasting gift that also greatly benefits the OCC.

The deadline for sponsorship and for dedications to be noted in the Christmas concert programme is Monday, December 4th,  2017.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact OCC Music Library at [email protected].