Chamber Choir - Advanced

Under the direction of Jamie Loback

The Chamber Choir is an ensemble of up to 45 singers aged 11-15, rehearsing once a week plus one Saturday a month and additional rehearsals as required. Rehearsals are fast-paced and the repertoire is technically demanding. A wide variety of compositions are studied per term, including three-part, four-part and foreign-language material. Participants must demonstrate the ability to maintain appropriate singing posture, follow directions, use breath support, apply standard diction principles, follow a score, sing in tune, identify musical notations and other score indications, perform expressively and exhibit fundamental sight-singing skills. Choral education goals include:

  • Musical Literacy: advanced score reading (including sound scapes), must exhibit sight singing skills, harmony is regularly 3 – 4 parts (sometimes more) and may include tone clusters and improvisation, reading texts in many languages
  • Choral Technique: listening, following regular and guest conductors, performing basic conducting gestures, awareness of and balance with other parts (harmony and accompaniment) and understanding of parts in the context of the overall piece, variety of repertoire styles, detailed score marking
  • Vocal Technique: healthy vocal production, more detailed physiology of singing, alignment of the body, breathing (increased phrase length and stagger breathing), mouth shape, resonance awareness (control over head and chest resonance as well as vocal colour), ability to hold a part alone

The Chamber Choir participates in annual OCC Christmas and Spring concerts, the National Remembrance Day Ceremony, various Parliamentary and community events. The choir may be invited to sing with symphony orchestras in performances of major works and is regularly contracted to perform at local and national events. Chamber Choir tours and performs nationally and internationally, most recently in France to perform for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in 2017 and on the OCC's 60th Anniversary Tour of Eastern Canada in 2018.

(Photo: Jamie Loback directing choristers of the Chamber Choir in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, 2017).