Choir Auditions and Registration

General Auditions for vocal placement in Viva/Concert/Chamber choirs

We are pelased to announce the Autumn/Fall registration for auditions and places in Prima, Viva, Concert, Boys' and Chamber choir are now open for September 2019. Please apply above to indicate interest. You can also join us at one of OCC's two information nights in September and we will help you sign up and answer all questions. You can also call our office 613-233-4440 or email us at [email protected] 


Date: September 10th and 18th

Time: 6:30PM-7:30 PM

Place: St. Joseph's Parish Church at 174 Wilbrod in Sandy Hill

For children aged 6 and 7 years, please see information about Prima Choir below or click here. For boys aged 10 to 15, please see information about Boys' Choir below or click here.

Auditions are conducted in private in small groups and allow our choir conductors to place your child in the most appropriate choir based on aptitude and age. All children will enjoy taking part as auditions with the Ottawa Children's Choir are handled in a relaxed and supportive manner.

Parents interested in having a child audition for the Ottawa Children's Choir are asked to complete this online application form.   We will be in touch with you about scheduling a vocal placement for your child. On the day of your child's audition, please give yourself sufficient time to arrive at the Parish and locate the Audition space. Ample paid parking is available in the Parish parking lot located off Wilbrod Street. Enter the Parish from the parking lot entrance and follow the signs directing you to the Audition space.  Parents, guardians and chaperones are invited to remain in the designated waiting area while children audition. Volunteers and staff of the Ottawa Children's Choir will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Audition Particulars

  • Children are auditioned in small groups typically of no more than three
  • Children participate in vocal and rhythmic exercises
  • No prepared piece is required
  • OCC auditions are conducted in a relaxed and supportive manner
  • Children must be 8 years old as of September 1, 2019 to audition for Viva, Concert or Chamber choirs

Choir Commitment and Rehearsals

Membership in the Ottawa Children's Choir is a commitment to faithful, consistent and punctual attendance at all rehearsals and performances. Weekly rehearsals take place at St. Joseph's Parish, 174 Wilbrod Street (cornered by Laurier Avenue, Cumberland Street and King Edward Avenue).

Viva Choir rehearses Thursday (5:00 ― 6:15 pm) (ages 8 ― 11)

Concert Choir rehearses Tuesday (4:45 ― 6:30 pm) (ages 10 ― 15)

Chamber Choir rehearses Wednesday (4:15 ― 6:30 pm) (ages 11 ― 15)

Boys' Choir rehearses every other Thursday (5:00 ― 6:30 pm) (ages 10 ― 15)

Prima Choir rehearses every Monday (5:30 ― 6:30 pm) or Wednesday (5:00 ― 6:00 pm) (ages 6 ― 7)

In addition, Viva, Concert and Chamber choirs rehearse approximately one Saturday afternoon per month, typically at St. Joseph's. Attendance is very important to allow your child enough time to prepare for concerts.

Prima Choir for ages 6 - 7 years

Photos Courtesy Ed LeBlanc

For parents interested in having your child join Prima Choir, there is a separate application process. If your child is 6 or 7 years old (by September 1, 2019), you do not have to apply through the audition procedures outlined on this page. Joining the Prima Choir is through a registration process only - there is no formal audition, a vocal assessment will be done early in the season. Please visit the Prima Choir section for more information.

Boys' Choir for boys ages 10 to 15, with changed or unchanged voices

For boys interested in joining Boys' Choir, no audition is necessary, a vocal assessment will be made at the beginning of the choir season in September.  Please visit the Boys' Choir section for more information.

Membership in the Choir

Parents and guardians of choristers are automatically members of the Choir, which entitles them to one vote per family at our Annual General Meeting. Each member is encouraged to volunteer in the activities of the Ottawa Children's Choir to ensure its vibrant and successful continuity! 

Each Choir Conductor will consider participation in Choral festivals at home and abroad each year― these are musically enriching experiences and parents are expected to allow choristers to benefit from these opportunities. Major tours are proposed to a full meeting of the parents involved for their approval, and supported financially by families, the Choir and special fundraising activities.

To register your child for an audition with the Ottawa Children's Choir, please fill in the electronic application form below.